December 2, 2017
7 months and 16 days since
our Reunion.
WELCOME  Classmates - The John Bartram Class of
1967 Reunion Committee thanks all who attended our recent 50th Class Reunion Weekend! It was really a rare milestone event which afforded a rare opportunity to see and talk to old friends who just happened to be classmates as some people were able to reconnect after 50 years! We sincerely hope that all who attended had a memorable time and enjoyed themselves immensely. 'Class of 1967' still endures........ 

We know that some classmates wanted to attend but were unable to do so for various reasons so take a few minutes to go to the webpage tab on the left hand column 'Photo Albums' and  visit our reunion through photos by classmate Joseph Davis and a video prepared by classmate Alan Richardson.

Peace & blessings to all visiting our  reunion website and may each of you and yours have a fantastic holiday season with a healthy and prosperous New Year in 2018. Have a GREAT life!

John Bartram Class of 1967 Reunion Committee

Paul M. Turner, Chairman/Treasurer
Jackie (Lee) Harris, Vice Chairperson
Myralin (Jones) Johnson, Secretary
Patricia (Robinson( Akins

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